Inspired by the beautiful universe, by wind, water, planets, mountains, plants and music from all over the world…

“Sounds of stardust – vocals like from heaven”
(Keys, magazine for music production, Germany)

… Swiss artist Eela Soley follows her inspiration and creates  a cosmos of atmospheric soundscape that cocoons her voice.

In her concerts she improvises with loopers, her voice, sax, flutes and electronics, and in the studio she loves experimenting.

As she always felt music is a universal language of heart, she is happy and grateful to work with wonderful artists from different countries and cultures.

“Signs of Time” from the “Andromeda” album is released in 3D!
Dolby Atmos Version by Lasse Nipkow. Remastered Stereo Version by Sitara + Henning Schmitz.
Released on Electromantica
available here