Concert: November 3rd 2012, Cologne, Gizheela

Aterlier Ö, room 430,  Kunstwerk Cologne-Deutz
Deutz-Mülheimer Straße 127  51063 Cologne

all ateliers are open, you can see the art and talk to the artists, and come to our concerts:

20.00 – 20.25 h – Rudolf Könen: Singer/Songwriter, Melodymaker + accoustic guitar

20.30 – 21.30 h – Sitara & friends: songs and improvisations: Sitara (vocals, guitar, bansouri), Rudolf Könen (guitar, vocals), Matthias Keul (piano, lapsteel guitar), Henning Schmitz (keys)

21.40 – 22.20 h – Gizheela: romantic and experimental themes and improvisations, Eela Soley (vocal, wind instruments, electronic), Jean Gilbert (guitar, effects, loopers)

22.30 h ROMAN (Karaoke Kalk), new stuff with visuals + laptop

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