Gogo Moka – Music, Dance, Light, Art – Sept 29th, Cologne, intercultural week

Improvised Concert with dance, light and art.

After a spontaneous inspiring improvisation @ Lutherkirche Cologne, Klangwellen Loopfestival in May, the artist come together again for this project.

Alexander Meyen: violines, loopers
Michael Peters: guitar, laptop
Eela Soley: vocals, sax, flute, electronic
Janina Bobrowski & tba: dance
Marc Siebert: light design
PhilX & Anne Nouwynck: art


This event is part of the intercultural week Cologne.
Sept 29th 2012, Theater im Hof, Roonstr. 54, 50674 Cologne
begin: 8 p.m., entry  13.- (10.-) €

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