Zeitgeist – The Dop Experience

cd_zeitgeist_24001 Silver
02 Paradise
03 Boxes
04 Electron Dance
05 Mysterious Pictures
06 Too Far
07 Time Has Gone
08 Bristol
09 Sunshine
10 Faith
11 Welcome To The Storm
12 Like A Day

The Dop Experience “Zeitgeist”
12-2004 / Elektro-Kartell
Total Play Time 50 Minutes

Patty Stucki /Eela Soley: vocals, saxofones
César Rosón: guitars, drum programming, synths

Special Guests: Tobias Backhaus (drums), Anne Breick (percussion), Bernie Land (neuronalsynthesizer), Markus Lücking (Lower Level – electronic drums), Ulrike Pfeifer (bass).

Recorded by César Rosón & Patty Stucki/ Eela Soley.
Mixed by Tino Rosón (Barcelona).
Cover Art by Acidmoon (Hamburg).
Promotion by Esther Zeschky (Frankfurt)